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Palmdale Fire Restoration

Palmdale Fire Restoration

If your home has been damaged recently in a fire, then the chances are good, you have been looking for helpful fire and water damage restoration tips. The fact is that it is safer and more cost-effective to hire the pros when you need Palmdale fire restoration services. When it comes to smoke and fire damage, this is never the type of job to let amateurs handle. 

These are just a few of the reasons to contact us at Only 1 Kind Restoration when you are searching for fire and water damage companies near me: 

Address Hidden Health Hazards 

The dangers that come from a fire do not end when the flames get extinguished. There will be a great deal of soot and smoke residue left behind that pose potential health threats while also corrosion to certain surfaces throughout your home. With our expert fire restoration services in Palmdale, CA, we take care of cleaning all surfaces and handling soot so that it does not get tracked into other unaffected areas of the house. 

Any invisible soot particulates within the air could also harbor ammonia, formaldehyde, tar, and cancer-causing asbestos. Due to the nature of a post-fire area, our team always wears personal protective gear so that we are safe from potential health effects. 

Specialized Equipment

You need a whole lot more than over-the-counter cleaning products and other household items when it comes to fire damage restoration in Palmdale. Deep cleaning of all surfaces, including the interior of your HVAC system, is critical to eliminate any residual odors as well as looming health threats. Our team here at Only 1 Kind Restoration has the latest advancements in the field of fire restoration so that we can reach our goals faster than any DIY methods could ever achieve.

Salvage Your Personal Belongings 

With an untrained eye, you could end up disposing of items that could otherwise be easily salvaged with Palmdale fire restoration efforts. We know everything that it takes to minimize loss, saving both time and money on your fire damage project. Our team will go through all items to determine what can be restored and what should be disposed of according to local guidelines. 

Save Yourself Time

While many homeowners think that restoration is easy, you will quickly find that it can take a long time to handle all of the finer details. Only 1 Kind Restoration has the staffing to ensure that everything gets done within our estimated timeline. It is always our goal with restoration to get you back in your home and enjoying your regular routine so that you can get back to life as normal. 

Do you need help with Palmdale fire restoration? We want to help! We have crews available so that you are not left out in the cold, wondering where to turn for reliable services. Contact Only 1 Kind Restoration for a free quotation, inspection, or to schedule service by calling (661) 537-5286. We would be happy to send out a team to start an assessment as soon as possible so that fire damage restoration can begin.

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